Brown note publish 161

James Branscum - "The Thunder God"

Hey Guys!  

Yes, James is our Master Percussionist Extraordinaire!  He's also our procrastinator... So, here's a little insight into The Thunder God to appease you while you wait for his Bio...
  • He is an UNSTOPPABLE force on the skins.
  • His sense of timing and beat is astounding - We call him our human metronome.
  • He's been beating on Pearl Drums for as long as I can remember.
  • Yes, he sings too!
  • He still plays at his church as well as with Brown Note.
  • His sense of humor influences us in too many ways to mention... "Hey! Let's call ourselves Brown Note..."
  • He's quick with a quote from thousands of movies.
  • He's the only one in the band to retain his 1st wife.
  • He has a fantastic family!
  • He works for Tate Publishing
  • He's got the coolest hair out of all of us!  
Hopefully, he will look at this and be inspired to finish the thoughts here... or maybe even add some new ones.

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