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Alan Bailey - Lead Guitar and Vocals

I grew up in a musical family.  My Parents, Finis and Darlene Bailey, and my Sister  Liz Michael are very talented and I owe everything I know about music to them originally. My Dad has been writing and performing for 50 years and is a very talented man.  He has supported me in my musical endeavors as a mentor, critic and financeer. I sang when I was little but I didn't pick up a guitar until I was 12 or 13.  I picked up an old acoustic that my dad had laying around and started messing with it. When I started learning guitar I realized that it was the instrument that I wanted to pursue the most.  I played every day and never took any lessons.  I would watch other players and ask my dad how to do a few chords.  I credit MTV with most of my learning. 
        "One time at band camp"...... I met Craig Scott.  He brought his Peavey Mantis guitar and that was the first electric I ever played.  He taught me how to play "power chords" and "Rock You Like a Hurricane".  From then on I wanted an electric guitar.  When I was 15, I met Bryan Bell, we both were on the same football team and were in band together.  A mutual friend of ours, Tasha Ferguson, was having a birthday and wanted a band to play at it. I borrowed Bryan's guitar and we joined up with Carson Black on drums and Kirk Bovee on keyboards.  I must say we were awful but it gave me the bug to be in a band.  We played a few more times but it never went very far.
         Over the next few months I became better friends with Craig Scott, he had a plan to take over the world with rock and roll.  We started trying to put a band together and I met Rick Rich and Shane McKinney who were the first members of "Overdrive".  We practiced once but never really clicked although in later years Rick would be one of my closest friends.  We finally found the four final members of "Overdrive". I played rythm guitar and sang, Craig was on lead guitar, Chris Todd was on Bass and James Branscum was the drummer.  That summer, the summer of 1987 became known as, "The Overdrive Summer".

         The "Overdrive Summer" began with us honing our rock skills in the studio at my parents house.  We played everyday at 1pm until we got tired or my dad came out and yelled at us for being too loud.  We set up 2 shows that summer, a talent show at Rose State College and a "Battle of the Bands" at the Myriad Gardens.  We went on first at the talent show and performed "Somebody Save Me" by Cinderella and my original song "I Must be Dreaming".  We didn't win because we had to play first.....or at least that is what we told ourselves.  We practiced even more and went on at the Battle of the Bands.  We played 10 songs and thought we did great until the next band "Pictures" hit the stage.  We figured out what a real band was.  That was the last of Overdrive.

         The next year I really wanted to start another band.  I started talking to Bryan Bell about it as well as James Branscum from Overdrive and we decided we wanted to start a christian rock band.  "Messenger" was born.  We started practicing and writing tunes. We wanted to be all original so we didn't play any covers. We recorded a few songs on some recording equipment that was around the studio.  I took a copy of the songs to school with me and was playing it in class when a guy that I remembered from computer class, Bryan Jones, started asking me questions about the band.  Beej came over and watched us practice a few times and even brought over his tiny keyboard.  He bugged us enough that we asked him to join the band. With the line-up intact we practiced and wrote songs and began our run as a christian rock band.  We played at churches, the State Fair and any where else that we could play. After changing our name to Dominion, we wrote enough tunes to fill up two albums that we recorded in Texas at Polytrac Studios called "Stand on the Rock" and "Dominion".  We had a five year run that lasted until 1992.  In 1992 we all found that life, school and girls were getting in the way of the band so we drifted apart.  Bryan Bell was the first to tie the knot.  Soon after we all took the plunge. I got married in 1993.  In 1996 I was blessed with my son Nick.


        Over the next 14 years, James and I would get together and jam with our friend Rick Rich but never got really serious. The only gig we played was at the State Fair as "Type F" (named after a box in James' garage). Around 1998 I got a divorce.  Soon after that I started playing with James at church and I must say that it became some of my best musical training.  We played 10 songs every week and I really learned what it meant to practice. In 1999 I met my lovely wife Alyson and in 2002 my baby girl Natalie was born. I continued to play with James until 2003 when our church blew away in a tornado (it really happened). 


 In 2006 James and I were at an OU football game when we saw a familiar face.  Beej was tailgating outside the stadium and we started talking about old times.  James tracked down Bryan Bell and we set up a reunion.  We played several times and figured out that music was a great way to blow off steam.  We dared each other to book some shows and jokingly came up with the name "Brown Note".  The rest of the history is still being written.  We have dedicated ourselves to put on the most entertaining show that we could since we started playing again.  


        My day job is a Service Technician for Forest Building Materials as well as teaching guitar at Moore-Norman Technology Center.


         I really have pulled my musical style from many different places.  When I grew up the only rock music I heard was what my sister listened to.  My house was a country and gospel house.  I remember listening to KOMA and waiting to hear "Hotel California" with my sister.  When MTV debuted I was introduced to tons of new music.  Here are some of the singers, bands and musicians that I like. 
         Rock and Metal
          Lynch Mob
          Motley Crue
          Judas Priest
          Iron Maiden
          Living Colour
          Led Zeppelin
          Bad Company
          Bryan Adams
          REO Speedwagon
          Black Sabbath
          Country, Red Dirt and Southern
          Johnny Cash
          Buck Owens
          Jerry Reed
          Waylon Jennings
          Don Williams
          Kenny Rogers
          Blackberry Smoke
          Cross Canadian Ragweed
          Lynyrd Skynyrd
          .38 Special
          Allman Brothers

          Pop and R&B
          Cheryl Crow
          Bobby Brown

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